• What about insurance? Do we have to provide our own?

    Graduate residents will be expected to provide their own health and auto insurance. The Affordable Health Care Act has provided access to affordable coverage for many of our residents. Current government regulations allow for students to stay on their parents’ insurance through the age of 26. You will be a full-time student and therefore would qualify to stay on your parents’ insurance.

  • How much do we get paid?

    Graduate residents receive a $12,000 per year stipend in addition to housing and utilities.

  • What is my cost to be in the program?

    You will pay a $50 application fee when you apply. If accepted, you will pay a $250 deposit to guarantee your spot in the upcoming class. Your deposit will be applied to your resident fee which is $1500 for the CYMT program. This fee applies to all residents in the Resident Placement Program and is due June 15 of your initial year in the program.

  • Are all positions part-time?

    Most graduate residents will be the only youth director at their appointed churches. Graduate residents are required to work a minimum of 25 hours per week on average. Obviously, some weeks it will be more due to retreats or other special events.

  • Is there potential for full-time employment at the church after three years?

    Our hope is that churches will move from part-time to full time ministries at the end of the three year program and potentially hire their graduate residents.

  • How many students stay at their churches after the program?

    We have graduated 69 residents since 2008, and 70+% have stayed and served their partner church beyond the length of the program.

  • How will vacation time work?

    Graduate residents will be given 10 days vacation each year. In addition to vacation, there will be down time from classes, although not from work, at various times of the year. Example: We will finish classes mid-December and start back the second week in January. Depending on your responsibilities at the church during those times, you might have additional time off.

  • What are the housing arrangements?

    Partner churches are required to provide housing for their graduate resident. Housing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most residents live in apartments provided by the church; some live in houses owned by the church.

  • Would I bring my furniture and would I need my own computer?

    We do not expect churches to provide furnished housing. However, if you have furniture needs, the CYMT and the church will work with you to help locate basic needs. We will expect the churches to provide you with an office and computer at work. We will encourage but not require laptops.

  • Can I limit my application to only specific regions?

    Yes, on your application you can limit your application to be placed at churches in only specific regions or to a specific regional area. However, please keep in mind that by limiting your application to only a specific region or area, you may be reducing your chances of being accepted to the program.  If you apply to all regions, there are 20 potential churches that you could be matched with; if you limit your application to Nashville area churches the number of churches could be as few as two or three. The CYMT staff understands that there are good reasons, like a spouse’s job, to limit your availability to only one region.

  • When will I know where I'm going to work?

    At the same time you were applying to CYMT as a graduate resident, churches were applying to be partner churches. We always seek to have our partner churches lined up by March 31. Our goal is for you to know the partner church at which you will be placed  by May 1.

  • What if I leave the program early?

    Each graduate resident in the placement program must sign a service agreement that outlines the conditions for receiving the full scholarship and the consequences for leaving the program early. Residents leaving the program early will be responsible for reimbursing the CYMT for academic expenses paid on their behalf that have not been forgiven under the CYMT service agreement.

  • Can I defer my student loans?

    Yes. You will be a full-time student and, therefore, can have your student loan payments deferred. You can contact your lender to get the papers to request deferment. You will mail these document to MTS and they will mail the deferment papers the first week after the start of the semester.