Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry

CYMT brings together churches and youth ministers to create life-changing youth ministries. The Graduate Residency at CYMT is designed to blend theological training with practical experience in the local church – a unique approach that develops theologically informed and practically effective youth ministries.

Placement Program

Do you need a job, practical training, and theological education? CYMT provides a three-year job placement program that matches graduate residents with partner churches, where they serve as the youth director while participating in the CYMT program.  You will gain practical experience while earning a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry.

Training Only

Are you looking for a way to get the training you need without leaving your job? Are you ready to develop your skills for ministry so that you can strengthen your ministry? Do you want to take your group deeper but are not sure where to start? Apply to CYMT’s Graduate Residency.   You will receive receive coaching, training, and be enrolled in the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree.

Resident Stories