Youth Ministry Academy


The Youth Ministry Academy is a three-day event to train and equip those who love ministering to youth, both paid professional youth ministers and those who do it for heavenly rewards. The Academy provides excellent training in an intimate environment, and draws youth workers from around the world and from mainline denominations. The Academy provides learning that leads to transformation., and wants to live at the crossroads between theology and practice.

Youth Ministry Academy 2018 will focus on TXT2Speech: Proclaiming Scripture to Youth in a Digital Age.

What is the future of Christian proclamation in a society increasingly driven by networked technologies and 140-character communications? What place does preaching to young people have in such a society, and what form might it take? How might we move from mere sermons and “youth talks” into affecting the lives of young hearers? Bringing together a diversity of voices for workshops and “big room” sessions, we’ll explore both the present and future of Christian proclamation in a digital age. The goal of Youth Ministry Academy is to give you, the youth minister, and your team of volunteers something you didn’t know you were missing. We invite you to discover what that might be.

Make your plans to join us January 18-20, 2018 in Austin, TX! Register here.