Youth Leader Training

What is a “Youth Leader”? Is it a professional who holds the title of “Youth Director/Minister”? Is it volunteer who spends their spare time teaching a Sunday school class? Is it a student who wants learn more about Jesus and help their friends do the same? At Youth Leader Training we say it’s all three of those…and more.

If you are wanting to make a difference in the lives of young people, this weekend is for you. We have gathered some of the best minds in youth ministry from around the southeast and asked them to share with you their knowledge and insight. Our training seminars are for veterans and newbies, adults and students, paid and volunteer, or in whatever capacity you are helping to transform the lives of teenagers. We’ve made this training affordable and accessible because we want everyone to be here. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience.

Join us Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13

Join youth and adult leaders from the North Alabama Conference of the United Methodist Church and Graduate Residents of the Center for Youth Ministry Training, as we learn how to be “youth leaders.” This event promises to be an event that will challenge, inspire, encourage, and motivate you as you do ministry with students.