Collide: Theology Together

Far from a faith that separates itself from the here and now and the physical facts of the world, Christianity is rooted in the idea of God colliding with our world. Christian faith holds that in the beginning the voice of God collided with the abyss, bringing order out of the chaos of nothingness. And God’s greatest collision with the world we call incarnation — God becoming flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, invading the world and turning it upside down. Christian faith worthy of the name consists of beliefs colliding with the hard realities of the world: Faith that collides with the circumstances of life; faith that collides with everyday reality; faith that makes a difference to our lives and the whole world; faith that doesn’t hide from reality but changes it. Together we’ll explore theological themes in ways that make sense and matter to both youth and adults, but big questions require more than pre-packaged responses.

COLLIDE is designed to provoke disorienting dilemmas—experiences and quandaries that upend our usual ways of explaining the world and the thin answers of faith that we too often rely upon. It’s also designed to give youth and
adults the space and resources to work together through these dilemmas in an environment of discussion, worship and theological reflection helping them understand themselves, their world, their calling, and their
God in new ways.

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