Residency Placement Program

Are you in a church without a youth minister? Or is the youth ministry in your church struggling?

The Center for Youth Ministry Training is here to help you do youth ministry. Each year CYMT partners with 12 churches to place our incoming graduate residents and help them develop theologically informed and practically effective youth ministries. CYMT equips local churches with the tools necessary to develop sustainable youth ministries … because good youth ministry doesn’t just happen.

In today’s world, good youth ministry requires more than just games and guitars. For youth to experience a life-changing faith, they need an intentional community of teens and adults where they have a personal encounter with God, are encouraged to understand God’s purpose for their lives and find hope in the intersection of their story with God’s bigger story.

For this kind of youth ministry to happen, both youth workers and churches need training. The Center for Youth Ministry Training brings together churches and youth ministers to create life-changing youth ministries through our Graduate Residency Placement Program.

Partner Church – Residency Placement Program Benefits

Partner Churches gain a fantastic opportunity to invigorate and enhance their ministry to teens and their families. Specific benefits include:

  • CYMT Graduate Resident – to serve 25 hours a week working as your youth minister
  • Top Candidates – CYMT selects 12 residents from a national pool of applicants
  • Personalized veteran coaching for the church’s youth ministry team and staff including:
    • Development of a strategic three-year plan for your youth ministry
    • Curriculum and discipleship planning
    • Volunteer recruitment and training
    • Infrastructure to support a healthy, sustainable ministry to youth and their families.

How it Works

CYMT provides partner churches with a graduate resident who develops the church’s ministry to youth and families. A partner church’s contract with CYMT covers the resident’s yearly stipend and class expenses. Additionally, partner churches provide housing for their resident.

Graduate residents are placed at partner churches through a proven interview and church-match process. Several factors determine which partner church is a good match for each resident, including denominational background, theology, personality, and experience. Churches do not choose their graduate resident, but they do have the opportunity to participate in an informal interview with the applicant to make sure it is a good fit prior to starting the CYMT program. Residents serve the church 25 hours per week for the next 3 years while earning a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry through our seminary partners.

Why a CYMT Graduate Resident Youth Minister?

Burnout rate:  Youth directors burnout rate is 3.9 years. CYMT’s training and coaching teach graduate residents how to sustain and thrive as a youth minister.

Staying power: You may have heard that youth ministers leave every 18 months. The truth is this is a myth. Many youth ministers leave after 18-24 months, but many staff for years. It is not surprising that there is a direct correlation between youth minister tenure and the health of a youth ministry. 70% of CYMT residents have continue to serve their churches beyond the length of the program with the inaugural class now having served 5 years.

Education matters: Only around 17% of paid youth workers have theological training, CYMT graduate residents are prepared both theologically and practically to develop strong youth ministries in your church.

Accountability: CYMT coaches hold both our residents and our partner churches accountable to developing the best youth ministry we can together. Open lines of communication allow for development and growth in the ministry.

Support: All CYMT coaches have over 12 years experience in a local church. Your coach and CYMT’s full time staff is there to ensure that youth ministry happens and to help when other “stuff” happens.

Quality: CYMT chooses 12 residents from nearly applicants which allows us to choose residents with distinct calls and gifts for youth ministry.

Cost: For the price of a part-time youth director, you will receive a youth director, professional coaching for not only your youth director but also your church, and graduate level training for your youth director.

Note: Partner church expectations are subject to change by CYMT’s board of directors in August for the upcoming year.