• What is the difference between the Placement Program Partner Church and a Training Only Church?

    Placement Program Partner Churches are seeking a resident to serve at their church as their youth director. Training Only Churches already have a youth director who will study at the CYMT. Both types of churches will receive monthly coaching from the CYMT staff.

  • Do we get to interview the applicants?

    Yes and No – applicants will be selected and placed by the CYMT. However, the CYMT will work closely with your church and allow you to give your input into what kind of graduate resident would be the best fit for your situation. Denominational background and church needs will be considered heavily when matching students to churches. You will have the opportunity to meet applicants face to face (whenever possible) before they begin their work at your church to look for any red flags.

  • What are the other financial responsibilities?

    The other financial commitment churches make beyond the yearly commitment is to have a youth ministry budget to support the programs of the youth ministry. CYMT must approve of a partner churches budget prior to the church being accepted to the program. Churches that are more than 40 miles from a graduate resident’s discussion group meeting location will be expected to pay a mileage fee.

  • What churches have you worked with before?

    Click Here for a list of current partner and training churches and to learn what pastors and students are saying about the CYMT program.

  • What are the partner church expectations?

  • When do graduate residents begin their appointments?

    The CYMT academic program begins in August. All graduate residents will begin their appointments by August 1. We seek to start appointments the second Sunday in July if at all possible. A graduate residents may start their appointment earlier if mutually agreed upon by the church, resident, and CYMT. There will be financial considerations for residents who begins their appointment early. The most important part of the process is finding the right graduate resident for your church.

  • How many graduate residents stay at their churches after the program?

    70+% of our graduates have stayed at and continued to serve their partner church.

  • What happens at the end of the three years?

    Our hope is that churches will move from part-time to full time ministries at the end of the 3-year program and that our graduate residents begin full time youth ministry at your church, or move into full time ministry at another church.