Partner Church Programs

Need a Youth Minister? Apply to CYMT’s Placement Program

CYMT brings together churches and youth ministers to create life-changing youth ministries through our Partner Church Placement Program which provides churches:

  • CYMT Graduate Resident – to serve 25 hours a week working as your youth minister
  • Top Candidates – CYMT selects 12 residents from a national pool of  applicants
  • Veteran Youth Ministry Coach for Youth Minister and Church

Does your Youth Minister need training? Sign up for our Training Only Program

Does your youth minister need theological education and practical training for ministry?  Does your youth minister need support to help him avoid burnout?  Is your youth minister looking at seminaries, but you would really like for her to stay?

Our Training Only churches already have a full-time or part-time youth staff person and support them as they earn a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry and develop practical skills for youth ministry.

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