MA in Youth Ministry

Memphis Theological Seminary and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary sevre as the Center for Youth Ministry Training’s educational partners.  CYMT residents participate in a retreat-based Master of Arts in Youth Ministry program and are students of the respective seminaries. Degree requirements can meet the ordination requirements for a deacon in the United Methodist Church.

The MAYM requirements at both seminaries are very similar.  Both require 18 hours of core seminary course work, 6 hours of practicum, and 12 hours of advanced youth ministry course work.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s MAYM degree is a 44-hour degree.

Memphis Theological Seminary’s MAYM degree is a 48-hour degree.

Youth Ministry Course Descriptions

Youth Minister as Pastor and Leader – Sample Syllabus

  • Understanding the role of the youth minister in the life of the church, youth, and families
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling Teenagers
  • The role of relational youth ministry

Teaching the Gospel to Adolescents – Sample Syllabus

  • Learn how to develop solid biblical and theological lessons using a variety of techniques and settings,
  • Develop a basic understanding of male and female adolescent development,
  • Understand how to program and work with Junior High youth, and

Theological Foundations for Youth Ministry – Sample Syllabus

  • Understand the history of youth ministry,
  • Study effective, cross-denominational models youth ministry in the church and parachurch,
  • Learn to think theologically about youth ministry programming, and
  • Develop a theological model for ministry within a specific context.

Advanced Studies on Youth, Culture, and the Church – Sample Syllabus

  • Examine youth ministry through the lens of postmodern culture,
  • Examine the modern church and how it is shaping and being shaped by culture, and
  • Explore the latest studies in youth, culture, and religion

Youth Ministry Professors

Andrew Zirschky, our Academic Director, teaches many of the youth ministry courses. Andrew collaborates with the faculty of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Memphis Theological Seminary to deliver the best youth ministry curriculum possible. CYMT is intentional about inviting the leading youth ministry educators to participate in our classes. Below are some of those leaders who have taught as a part of the program:

Kenda Creasy Dean, Youth Ministry Professor at Princeton Theological Seminary

Andy Root, Youth Ministry Professor at Luther Theological Seminary

Drew Dyson, Youth Ministry Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary

Karen-Marie Yust, Professor at Union-PSCE

Mark DeVries, President of Youth Ministry Architects and prominent author

Jason Santos, Princeton Timothy Scholar

Ben Conner, Church History and Mission of the Church

Lynn Barger-Elliot, Youth Ministry Professor at Calvin College