MA in Youth Ministry

CYMT Graduate Residents earn a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree from one of our seminary partners.  The courses rotate each year allowing a student to complete the degree over six semesters (three years) in the program.

Retreat-Based Education Model:

randydwightclassCYMT and our seminary partners have developed a retreat-based model that provides the best education and training available by allowing students to take classes through intensive retreats while working in local congregations. The program calls for three to four retreats each semester, during which one youth ministry course and one core seminary course content will be presented.

Between retreats, graduate residents meet in regionally based discussion groups to process the course material. They meet for two hours every week except during weeks when there is a retreat. Discussion groups bridge the conversation and learning from one retreat to the next. Click here for a sample retreat schedule.

Theology + Practice

The CYMT curriculum is specifically designed to develop theologically informed and practically effective youth ministries. Each student will develop his or her own “practical ecclesiology,” by doing ministry out of an intentional community and learning the skills that can prevent the isolation that can be deadly to long-term youth ministry.

The CYMT curriculum will combine intensive traditional classroom learning, peer learning, one-on-one coaching, and action/reflection processes that integrate students’ academic growth with the real-life situations of the churches they serve. Curriculum will focus on three broad areas:

1. Theology: Bible content and interpretation, basic systematic theology, and processes for thinking theologically about youth ministry

2. Practice: Understanding youth ministry, strategies for sustainable youth ministry

3. Personal: Leadership and spiritual development