Investing in the Kingdom One Youth Ministry at a Time

How many teenagers lives are impacted by one youth minister?  By one church with a healthy youth ministry?

Every year CYMT equips 36 youth ministers and 36 partner churches to develop theologically informed and practically effective youth ministry.  These ministries touch thousands of teenagers lives each year.

What CYMT does is not magic, instead we faithfully walk with young youth ministers to help them develop their gifts and skills and to help them navigate their first few years in the church.  Additionally, we help church leadership develop structures of support for healthy youth ministry.

We invite you to invest in this Kingdom ministry.

Our Need

The CYMT projects a 2014-15 budget of $1,046,000 with $40,000 not being covered by income from partnering churches or from graduate resident fees. CYMT continues to seek partners in ministry, individuals, coorporations, and foundations that support the vision and mission of the CYMT.

CYMT is looking for annual investors who want to invest in the lives of youth ministers and youth ministries knowing that their investment will pay long term dividends for the Kingdom of God as young people hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Whether you give $100, $200, or $1000 annually, be assured that your gift is making a significant difference in the lives of teenagers.

The CYMT is a 501.3.c non-profit organization and will provide a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Program fees only cover 87% of the cost per graduate resident and partner church. Your gifts will help keep the cost for partner churches to an affordable level and allow residents to receive the best training and education possible.

Foundation Campaign

Goal: To raise 5 million dollars to fund the following foundational programs that will allow CYMT to grow and expand.

I. Partner Church Grants – $1.2 Million

Partner churches provide the farm where CYMT can go to work tilling the soil.  The partner church grant program will provide support for urban and rural churches that cannot afford the total cost of being a partner church.  The grant money will fund support for 12 churches each year .  The grants will provide $7500 in year one, $5000 in year two, and $2500 in year three.

II. Endow Youth Ministry Professorship – $1.4 Million

The most important position at CYMT for the long-term success of our program is the Youth Ministry Professor and Academic Director.  An endowed tenure track position with a CYMT partner seminary will ensure CYMT’s ability to attract and keep one of the leading youth ministry professors in the country on our staff.

III. Youth Ministry Foundation – $2.4 Million

The Youth Ministry Foundation would seek to make an investment in innovatie and effective youth ministry education and training , thereby creating a fertile training ground for well-equipped, effective leadership for the larger church.  The initial Youth Ministry Foundation projects will endow suport for 2 doctoral candidates in the Timothy Scholars program at $30,000 each year to develop future youth ministry educators and to create new CYMT regional campuses.

The Importance of CYMT

This video is Mark DeVries and Executive Director Dietrich Kirk sharing about the importance of the CYMT program.  Below you can read the latest CYMT graduate resident and partner church stories.